Weekly Highlights 1 Dec: Is holding cash the optimal strategy now?

#1 Buffett sitting on $128 billion in cash 

Well, when the Oracle of Omaha always pays fair value for his acquisitions. And the recent rally in the stock market seems to suggest that investors are willing to pay a premium to be in the market.

Is the market getting too hot for Buffett?



#2 $98.5 million ain’t enough

When you are a billionaire these days and you are doing good, you still can’t seem to catch a catch. That is the case for Bezo.

Recently, Bezo donated $98.5 million to charity and the UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn came out and commented that it only represents 0.09% of Bezo’s net worth. It seems that politicians think that they have the right to dictate what other people should do with their money.



#3 How much easing is enough?

I guess when you are at the point of no return, adding more stimulus to the already drunken market will be of no difference.



#4 ETFs’ flows continue to peak

Chasing performance much?




Have a good week ahead.


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