Weekly Highlights 29 Dec: Investment themes for the 2020s

#1 Technology or recession to dominate the 2020s?

While past performance is hardly an indicator for future performance, the current bull market stands stand at 10 years while the average bull market lasts about 4.5 years. It begs the following questions:

  1. When will the party end?
  2. When it does end, will it be a case of the higher you climb, the harder you fall?

Either way, a recession provides the perfect opportunity for retail investors who may be decades away from retirement, to invest and to lower their cost basis.

For investors near retirement, now it the perfect time to par down their equity allocation. Selling your equity now while the market is at an all-time high and reinvest into quality income-generating assets and/or investment-grade bonds might be a wise decision now.





#2 How to be Bill Gates’ Secret Santa?

This is Secret Santa at a whole new level.



#3 Will China ever fully open its economy to foreign firms?

If the Chinese economy continues to slow in the coming years, fully opening its economy will no longer be a choice but an inevitable move.



#4 Microsoft and LinkedIn 

Microsoft has the “too much money syndrome”.




Have a good week ahead.




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