Weekly Highlights 5 Jan: Vanguard drop stock commission to 0

#1 Stock trading on the Vanguard platform is free

That is if you live in the US. I don’t think residents in Singapore can actually open a Vanguard account. Nevertheless, the moral of the story is how come the brokerages in Singapore is still charging me to buy a stock???!!!



#2 A Jim Cramer ETF?

It is just a matter of time before someone creates the Mad Money ETF!!!



#3 BOJ to lend ETFs

Now, this is a creative solution.

In a bid to improve liquidity and to curb complains that BOJ is crowding out the market, BOJ recently unveiled a scheme which allows them to lend ETFs to selected market participants up to a year.

Question: Why not just sell the ETF?




Have a good week ahead.



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One thought on “Weekly Highlights 5 Jan: Vanguard drop stock commission to 0

  1. About the Vanguard platform. It is possible to do it in Singapore. They need you to deposit a pretty large sum, 6 figure, to be under AUM. If you have a bank account with the Big 4 US banks, can be easily done. OF course, its not for small retail investor.

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